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Difference between GPT and MBR Partition style?

What is the Difference between GPT and MBR Partition style?

GPT (GUID Partition Table) and MBR (Master Boot Record) are the two partition styles we have and they have different ways of storing partition information on Hard Drives and this is the reason you will always have to create or choose between them before create a partition on your drive.

GPT (GUID Partition Table): This is the newest partition standard that is rapidly replacing the MBR partition style and comes with all new computer systems produced in recent years. It also comes with a lot of advantages over the MBR partition style including its support for an unlimited primary partition drives on a hard disk drive (HDD) dependent on the Operating system in use. (for example; Windows allows for up to 128 partitions on a GPT drive. Windows will also not boot on a GPT drive except it’s a UEFI-based computer running 64x versions of Windows 10 down to Windows Vista. But can always use it to store data irrespective.

MBR (Master Boot Record): This is a present and older partition style you will find in older computer systems. The MBR is a special boot sector that contains a boot loader usually installed on a small partition, this boot loaded then runs a small bit of code the loads the larger boot loader on another partition containing the Operating System (OS). The MBR will only support and work on disks up to 2 TB in size and only supports up to four primary partitions.

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