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Tesla, Good and Bad in 2023 – Pros

Tesla Good and Bad – are you a lover of exotic, fancy and high performance cars?

Here are a list of thing to look out for before opting out for a new Tesla / Electric car in 2023. The first is how great these cars are for the environment when compared to a Petrol, Diesel or Gasoline-powered vehicle. So, let’s take a few minute to examine the pros and cons of these cars on the environment.


Advantages of Tesla Cars


  • Tesla Environmental Impact

A lot of people will choose a tesla / electric vehicle solely because they are better for the environment than the alternatives. Tesla cars do not contain an exhaust system at all, which means they do not create emissions like other fuel powered cars which are major contributors to the build up of greenhouse gases, which remains unhealthy to the earth’s atmosphere. As such, having an electric car helps keep air cleaner, the planet healthier and reduces carbon footprint.

  • Lower Cost of Maintenance 

Compared to a Gas-powered car, that requires a ton of maintenance. Tesla cars don’t require that much maintenance task or others associated with a gas engine. Anything related to the internal combustion system in a gas powered car is not needed with an electric car.

In addition, the brakes on electric vehicles tend to last longer and adds to the cost savings of choosing an electric car rather than one that uses gas.

  • Electricity is cheaper than Fuel, Diesel or Gas

Compared to the high cost of petroleum product in powering vehicles, many Tesla cars run on five cents per 1.6km (1 mile) drawing to the fact that electricity is largely less expensive than petroleum products. This is a huge consideration when weighing the options of buying a Tesla cars against a gas powered car.

Furthermore, besides charging your Tesla in designated charging Lots, people will also be charging their cars in their garages, which means installing a few solar panels in homes which will cut the cost of charging even further while offering savings on powering your entire home.

When taking these factors into consideration you can see how much money you can save in fuel costs when owning a Tesla vehicle.

  • Electric Cars Tend to Be Quiet

If you lives in an area close to a busy road, you will know how loud cars can be during rush hours. Electric motors, on the other hand, are nearly silent in nature. In fact, in the United States, some legislators have suggested that Tesla cars should have noise-making devices installed to ensure that pedestrians are aware that a car is near them because the Cars are so quite.

  • Regenerative Braking

In a normal gas powered engine car, the braking system works when the hydraulic fluid pushes the brake pads against discs on each wheel to slow down the car. Tesla cars, Regenerative braking is a way of taking that wasted energy from the process of slowing down a car and using it to recharge the battery. This helps to increase the overall efficiency of the electric car’s battery as well as prolong the life of the brakes.


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Disadvantages of Tesla Cars


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