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How to use Keyboard as Mouse (Windows 10) with Pictures

Today I will be showing you how to use your keyboard as a Mouse with step by step pictorial illustration.

Have you ever wondered if your keyboard could be used to navigate your computer system in the absence of a computer mouse? Are you using a windows 10 computer system? Then, you need to read this post and get to achieve this in few steps.


 STEP 1: 

Click on the START MENU and click on SETTINGS

windows 10 start menu option


 STEP 2: 

On the SETTINGS window, Click on EASE OF ACCESS.


 STEP 3: 

On the bottom corner of the LEFT PANE of the EASE OF ACCESS window, click on MOUSE (This will lead you to the Mouse control system Window)


 STEP 4: 

On the Mouse control system Window (as seen below in the image),

  1. Turn on Mouse key to use the Numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer: Once this is TURNED ON it will automatically tune off the numerical key functions and turn the NUM LOCK into a mouse pointer controller.  To use the NUM LOCK  in navigating follow these:
    • NUM 8 to move UP
    • NUM 6 to move RIGHT
    • NUM 2 to move DOWN
    • NUM 4 to move LEFTkeyboard NUM lock
  2. Only use Mouse keys when NUM lock is on: Once this is checked you will automatically turn on and off the function (i.e. when the NUM LOCK is turned on, it will work as the mouse and when the NUM LOCK is turned off it will stop working as the mouse).
  3. Hold the CTRL key to speed up and the SHIFT key to slow down: Check this and when even you are navigating with the NUM LOCK + CTRL, the Mouse pointer moves/navigates faster (Mouse pointer SPEED INCREASES) and when you navigate the NUM LOCK + SHIFT key the mouse pointer moves/navigates slowly (Mouse pointer SPEED REDUCES).
  4. POINTER SPEED and POINTER ACCELERATION: Just as the name implies, shift the slider to right (FAST) to increase the mouse pointer speed and acceleration and to the left (SLOW) to reduce the mouse Pointer speed and acceleration.


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