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Get Free VPN in 2023


Do you need a free VPN in 2023? are you tired of paying for one and need a free, effective and efficient virtual network that works 100% FREE? Then you are on the right path to getting your freedom on a VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK (VPN).


VPN is a VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKs that protect your information by hiding your device’s IP address and online identity, encrypting your data and routing it through secure networks to servers in far away states or even other countries depending on the server name / address used, thus, ensuring that you are able to browse the Internet securely and anonymously. Read more about VPNs


Now, I will guide you through STEP by STEP on how to get your free VPN using a Windows PC running on windows 10 / 11


Let’s get started:

On your windows PC go to system setting, as seen in the image below and click on NETWORK & INTERNET, then VPN.

Now on the VPN Connection Page you are to select VPN Provider as Windows (Built-in) and fill in all other details as i will give to you and explain now as listed below.

  1. VPN Provider : Windows (Built-in)
  2. Connection Name : Any Name as Desired.

    For the other options, we will be using information gotten from a FREE VPN Provider; VPNBOOK follow link >>.

    We will be using PPTP (point to point tunneling) since it is widely used and supported across all Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple, Mobile and PS3 platforms. It is however easier to block and might not work if your ISP or government blocks the protocol. In that case you need to use OpenVPN, which is impossible to detect or block.

  3. Server name or address : depending  on the desired location you want for your Virtual IP. For example USA:
    as seen in the image below with other location’s servers/address.
  4. VPN Type : PPTP (point to point tunneling). Click here to learn more about other types of VPN
  5. Type of Sign-in Info : Select User Name and Password
  6. Username (optional) & Password (optional) : for the username – vpnbook and password – z93cvfv as seen in the image below. However, this may change from time to time as provided by VPNBOOK
  7. Click SAVE
  8. Under the ADD A VPN CONNECTION, you will see the name created in STEP 2 above, click on it and select connect.




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