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Creating bootable flash drives for all Operating System

Do you want to start Creating bootable flash drives without cmd code for all Windows Operating System? Then yes!, you are at the right place and on the right site and page.

To get this done we need to first download two things:

  1. the desired Operating system you want to load with a flash drive
  2. Rufus Software  (download here)

Install and run the Rufus software as shown below:


Select the drive (flash drive) you want to load the Operating system

Select the partition type for the Hard drive (here you will choose between MBR and GPT)… see the difference and be sure of what to select

Select where you want to create the bootable from (ISO Image or from a file) and check and leave other settings as shown above.

Click start and wait till you see done. Close the program and your bootable flash is ready to be installed on a Hard Disk Drive and run on any computer system.


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