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10 High Paying Tech Jobs In 2022

Searching for the high paying tech jobs in 2022?

You are at the right place. Almost everyone is trying to upskill in whatever field they find themselves. COVID taught us a lot! Whoever believed tech would turn out to be the next gold mine ? Yes I did.

If you are trying to break into tech and unsure of what to try your hands on, this post is for you! Yes you!

If you have a functional laptop, steady power supply , data and commitment, then you are half way there already. Commitment! yes because without it learning is short lived. You do not want to start up motivated at one point and end it all in frustration

To cut the long story short, here are top 10 high paying tech skills you should start learning immediately.

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Graphics design
  3. Product design
  4. Web Development
  5. IT support specialist
  6. Block Chain Engineer
  7. Digital Marketing
  8. Technical Content writing
  9. Content strategy
  10. AI Engineer

1. Data Analytics

Become a data scientist at the touch of a button! Data is life, ever heard that? Every sector or organisation needs data to survive, name it Google, Amazon, Fintech, Research, Academics, logistics, Agriculture etc. You can start with basic Microsoft Excel then move to SQL, Tableau and Power BI. where to learn? Check out free and paid courses like Google Data Analytics profesional course

Once you get a grasp of the softwares listed above, then you can move to learning  PYTHON, which is the chief language for programming and data analysis. You could learn all these at your pace with online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursesera, Edx and Youtube

2. Graphic Design

Do you have a keen sight for colour, pattern, design? are you artsy or creative? Graphic design might just be your niche. You can started with Corel draw, Adobe photoshop, Light room,Procreate and a whole lot of others. Youtube has a lot of tutorials for you. Make do of them, perfect your skill and start out with internships. Next thing! build your portfolio. Every industry needs some form of branding and design , Leverage on this .

3. Product design

Product design is a skill that enables you appraise ideas while turning them into tangible inventions and products. According to  wikipedia , a product designer’s role is to combine art, science, and technology to create new products that people can use. It is a broad field of design as it covers seven areas and you could find a career as in this field as either an Experience Designer (XD),  Information Architect (IA), User Interface (UI) Designer, User Experience (UX) Designer or an Interaction Designer (IX). A good grasp of graphic design will go a long way in helping you build your career as a product designer. There are online courses, paid and free on platforms like Udemy, Coursesera, Edx . Never underestimate Youtube as well! There’s so much to learn there.

  4.Web Development

As the name implies, it is involves building or developing websites for use on the internet. How does a Spider spin a web? How does one create a website? There’s so much similarity: the precision, patience, details , insight  and the knack for it. For a sucessful career in web development, you must have a basic idea in Coding ( CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT). Thanks to the internet, you have a lot of resources to learn from as well as tech academies to help hone your skill. The most important thing is mastering this skill and you are on your way to clinching a high paying gigs if freelancing and well sought after fulltime jobs from the best tech companies

5. IT support specialist

Show me a functional modern organisation in 2022 without an IT support specialist, I will wait! Not all super heroes wear capes, some are just behind the screen, no pun intended! Call them  the fixers, the troubleshooters, the problem solvers of technological issues. As an IT Support person, you might help or assist your organisation with offline and online issues like ensuring that networks and servers, website, mobile applications ,computer hard ware and soft ware work effectively. Having a foundation of computer engineering or information technology will go a long way in boosting in your career in IT support.

6. Blockchain Engineer

This is a very lucrative career. Do you have an experience in cryptocurrency, coding and database management, You can give this a try. As a block chain engineer, you will be designing the security,protocols and the architecture of a blockchain system. There are a lot international fintechs and organisations seeking blockchain engineers. Equip yourself with the neccessary skill possible, learn! and earn!. According to Glassdoor, Blockchain engineers earn between $98,147 to $109,766 yearly depending on expertise and experience

7    .Digital Marketing

What is business without advertising? Bland and without direction! Digital marketing promotes and creates the neccesary awareness around a brand while connecting them with potential clients . As a digital marketer, you must understand what advertising entails , digital channels of communication, market trends , branding and growth technology. Digital marketing encompasses social media marketing, SEO, Search engine marketing, copy and content creation. Want to begin a career here as digital marketer? Explore the available courses on the internet, hone your writing skills and learn all you need to about the digital channels of advertising.

8.Technical Writing

Are you passionate about writing? Check out technical writing. As a technical writer you need to have an idea or basic understanding of the niche you will be writing for because you will be creating easy to understand content for consumers like instruction manuals, guides, copies or content for landing pages, blog,product descriptions, websites ,software documentation and much more. Every industry needs a technical writer peculiar to their field. Dear tech writer, you are greatly needed in this time. You are important, so start writing!

         9. Content strategy

Content is KING! Ever heard that? Good content well crafted, planned out, organized and executed will result into positive conversions ,keep your audience engaged and improve brand awareness. You should have a good understanding of content  creation, branding, public relations, advertising, data analysis and project management to suceed as a content strategeist. Find all you can on the internet, online learning platforms and youtube

10.AI Engineer

Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems to perform tasks normal human tasks like speech recognition, decision-making and visual recognition and  translation .

AI involves an advanced knowledge of computer software, programming and algorithm analysis.


Hope you find what works for you, be committed and open to new ways of learning, go the extra mile. Cease opportunities when  they appear, update your portfolio, craft that winning CV. Apply! Earn!



Dear up and coming Tech bro/babe!, did you find this helpful? please share in the comments section 🙂




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